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The route.

Venice Beach

When I visited LA last week, one of the thing that I did was to visit Venice Beach. I knew I wouldn’t like it but I went to see it anyway just so I know what it’s like in real life. We drove from where we stayed in Ace Hotel in Downtown to Santa Monica area, with a left-side steering wheel and dodgy navigation. However, we made it there and true enough, I didn’t have any interest on Venice Beach. Luckily we parked in an area called Abbot Kinney, which appealed to me more. A great neighborhood with younger audience, nice shops and good coffees.

To See / Eat in Abbot Kinney
  • Intelligentsia Coffee
  • Blue Bottle Coffee
  • TOMS
  • Cuyana
  • Huset
  • Plantlab

20 mph

So it was clear enough that Abbot Kinney was the place to be. In Abbot Kinney, I started to notice the amount of e-scooters roaming the streets.It was not hard to spot e-scooters which were parked on the sidewalks.There were a couple of brands visible, including Bird, Lime and Skip. We quickly tried to get on to one and decided to sign up on Bird.

Accessing an E-Scooter

Signing up was made easy. You can easily locate an e-scooter near you, scan the barcode on the scooter to identify then the app will ask for your personal details. From a UX perspective, to me this is important because they have successfully triggered a ‘want’ so customer just filled with their personal details at their own will promptly because they simply want to access the e-scooters straightaway. Even if the signing up process is a bit troublesome, I will still spend some effort and time to do it because I just want a ride! It was proven because initially wanted from Abbot Kinney to Venice Beach but we decided to just ride the e-scooters after we spotted them. While we were walking we spotted some e-scooters, tried to get on them but there were a couple of issues such as low battery, not functioning, etc. Yet, we kept walking and kept looking for some well working e-scooters after about 10-15 minute walk. After so much effort, we filled in our personal details quickly because we just can’t wait to use it (without really reading clearly what the terms and cons are).

The ride.


The ride itself was excellent (although Elon Musk doesn’t really like them). It was quick, efficient and easy to use. E-scooters belong to the road not the sidewalk. However, I didn’t see anyone wearing a helmet although it’s clearly written that a helmet must be worn, so clearly there’s a bit of an issue there. I think I was using one of the latest Bird as it has a small screen showing what my speed was and some other information. I also remembered the light was automatically turned on after 6pm or something like that, which I thought would be programmed. I haven’t tried to ride during the night though and I imagine there would be some safety issue for a person riding e-scooters at night and for the cars too.

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