Conference Takeaways ✨

Conference Takeaways ✨

Last week I got the opportunity to attend Web Directions Design 2019, a 2-day conference at the Arts Centre Melbourne about all things design, user experience and the web. I’ve always loved going to conferences because 1)I’ve always met amazing people at events like this 2)It kept me up-to-date with what’s going on in the industry. Well, this conference turned out to be very much those and so much more!

Always start with a cuppa

The first day started early with a fresh cup of coffee (essential). Jeff Veen opened the conference with his idea of “Crafting a Creative Culture”, which makes so much sense for us in our progressive industry. Jeff emphasised the importance of psychological safety as a key factor in creating an awesome creative culture and successful product. Finding your team member’s best qualities and amplifying those qualities are what’s being called for here.

I especially loved the presentation from Jina Anne, who has helped develop Salesforce Design System, Lightning. Jina guided us through her thinking process and the importance of design system in an organisation. This then relates to Dominik Wilkowski’s presentation about keeping design system alive and continue to develop and adjust your design system as you go. Keeping the momentum alive is the key and be sure that it is never a finished product.


The rest of the day was filled with amazing thoughts from the speakers including Paul Andre, Laura Summers, Simon Knox and Sam Hancock. Laura’s presentation on UX Research was very insightful for me because that’s one area that I am really interested in, yet I’m still very much learning. Laura is also an advocate for Open UXR, which I am keen to follow the progress.


Second day


You know when it’s a good conference when people are still coming on the following day. In fact, I would say I really enjoyed the second day of Web Directions Design 2019. What really was interesting for me from today’s presentations was Katja Forbes’ talk about “Being Human in the Age of AI.” Katja emphasised the importance of AI usage in context, how there is still so much issue around it and how it can be very biased. So always take it with a grain of salt. I found the talk from Chris Lienert to be inspiring as well because it reminded us to think about accessibility with his “Designing for Learning Difficulties” presentation. Something that definitely needs to be brought up more within a team and an organisation.

The next session by Eva PenzeyMoog about “Designing Against Domestic Violence” was a very important one because it addressed issues that we don’t talk about enough. Personally, it made me rethink my action as a designer and kept me thinking about the consequences of my design. Without realising, we might cause disadvantages for a group of people, so always think of the worst case scenario when designing.

Opher Yom-Tov on how designer can make impact.


The last one was from Opher Yom-Tov, Chief Design Officer at ANZ. His session was rather inspiring for me as someone who is still progressing in my UX career. Carefully choose where you want to be because that affects how you can make impact.

Ladies of LTUX.

It won’t be possible for me to attend this conference without the generous giveaway from Ladies That UX Melbourne (highly recommend to join the MeetUp group to meet some amazing ladies in UX!) and John Allsop from Web Directions Design 2019. I would like to express a big, big thank you for having me in this event. This opportunity means a lot in my UX journey and has opened up my thoughts around user experience and how as a designer I can make impact. One of the things I really valued was meeting like-minded people, who have introduced me to a lot of industry secrets 😉 Something that you can’t get any other way except from making REAL conversations with REAL people! So it’s a wrap, I’ve made few new friends and came back to work refreshed with tons of new ideas and changes I’m hoping to implement. Until next time!

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