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When approached by Blueboots Farm’s founder, Samantha – a young female agripreneur based in Jakarta/Cijeruk, she already had a vision in mind. What Blueboots Farm needed was a way to communicate their vision and make agriculture appealing to younger audience. It was a unique task because agriculture in Indonesia was not seen as a very popular topic among the youngsters although healthy food scene was already on the rise at that time, but not many people were actually asking where their food is coming from.

I then visited Blueboots Farm in Cijeruk to understand more about what they were doing, their processes and  their vision. Through my visit, I began to get understanding of what Samantha wants to achieve. We walked through the farm and I was shown the different areas of the farm. There were a couple of sections where they grouped their plants, there was a forest area where the cinnamon and nutmegs were grown, a shed for making compost and a humble building where these produces were processed into marketable products.

Most of the research that I did for Blueboots Farm through my visit was qualitative research. There were lots of observations, photo-taking and the most insightful would be chatting with Samantha and with the farmers.

The most insightful research was from chatting with Samantha and the farmers.

Building Persona

To remind me along the process of designing experience for Blueboots Farm’s market, I built a persona, which helped me to align my thoughts and design to the ideal market that we are targeting.

Photos are courtesy of Dicky Jong for Blueboots Farm.

Roughly Speaking

After the research part was done, I then moved into sketching process. From our research we somewhat have narrowed down our market to female, between 20-40 years old, based in Jakarta and either working or stay-at-home mom, with care towards food and health and active on social media. By narrowing this down, the things that I did for Blueboots Farm would be more realistic and achievable because they are at an early stage of business at the time. Along the way, I was adjusting this as needed.

It was also decided that we would utilise a collection of photo stock that Samantha’s team had prepared and support that with illustrations from me to be used in their website and social media. This was a unique approach because I was actually working on the project remotely from Melbourne.

The first stage for Blueboots Farm was creating their website, establishing social media presence and creating content. Then the next stage was extending the experience from digital to tactile such as packaging and events.


First stage

digital experience

(website and social media)

Next stage


(packaging and events)



User experience
Brand consultant
Website build and design
Content creation

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign

Social Media Frenzy

Understanding our target market and that Indonesia has one of the largest mobile-user market in the world, it was decided early that we have to penetrate social media aggressively. Blueboots Farm social media campaign actively engage audience through our blog on the website, Instagram and Facebook with topics ranging from agriculture, food, health and product-based content.


This activity boosted Blueboots Farm in such way:
– Creation of 1,500 genuine Instagram followers in two years
– Improvement of EDM list by 60% in one year


A range of illustration made for Blueboots Farm.


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