Melbourne is one of the most attractive cities in Australia to travel to, especially because of its friendly environment, great culture and lifestyle. Melbourne International Airport in Tullamarine is the main port of entry to Victoria, for both domestic and international tourists. However, there is a gap in connectivity between Melbourne Airport to any locations in the city, not to say Victoria, especially for families travelling with kids requiring car seat.


  • No convenient and affordable transportation options for family with kids to travel from Melbourne Airport to any destinations in the city.
  • Children under 7 years old are required to use car seat.
  • Uber won’t cater families who need car seat.
  • Taxi is one of the most expensive options to travel from Melbourne Airport


For this app’s research, I interviewed some travellers, especially those who are travelling with children under 7 year old to understand how would the plan their trip from Melbourne Airport to their destinations.

The questions asked were:

  • How familiar are you with the transportation options from Melbourne Airport to city?
  • How long ahead are you planning your trip?
  • How do you decide what transportation you will use?
  • How do you book the service?
  • What do you like the most about your chosen method of transportation and what don’t you like?

Current Options

The current options for travelling from Melbourne Airport to the city are:

  • Taxi
    Taxi is one of the easiest options to travel from Melbourne Airport to the city. The cost starts from $65 for one way trip for a regular taxi. By law, taxi in Victoria can take children under 7 years old without any car seat installed.
  • SkyBus
    SkyBus is the most economical options to travel from Melbourne Airport to the city. It runs every 10 minutes and usually has pretty good availability without a very long wait time. Tickets can be purchased on the stop or booked earlier. However, it can be hard to travel with SkyBus with little kids. Most of the time it is self service, meaning the passenger has to load their luggages onto the racks in the bus by themselves. Also, SkyBus goes directly to Southern Cross Station and passenger will need to take connecting bus to get them to popular destinations in the city.
  • Private drivers
    This option can be considered as the most convenient options for family travelling with children. It is usually possible to request for car seat to be installed to comply with the rules. Private drivers are better too because the passenger gets personalised service and not rushed as when they are taking public transportation. However, there is no standardised booking platform for private drivers in Melbourne, so potential passengers won’t be able to tell the quality of the driver when they are looking to make a booking.

*Uber is not considered an option because they can’t take children if the car is not fitted with car seat.


This app will be envisioned for a user persona named Angela. She loves travelling and she has a 1 year old son named Ray. Although she loves travelling, she is a bit anxious in taking her first flight with her son because so many things can go wrong. She likes to plan ahead and would not mind to pay extra if there is any options to make her trip more convenient.

User Journey Map

This User Journey Map reflects the app’s first stage of development, which will mainly be used for testing and design pitching for investors.


This rapid prototyping is done in InVision to test the app’s functionality and usability. This prototype has been shared with 5 users to be tested and some feedbacks have been taken into account for improvements.

Future Improvements

Through user testing and review process, a couple of improvements that will be taken into accounts are:

  • Include a review or testimonial section or a star rating system to score drivers
  • Offer a more detailed information on the driver’s profile
  • Improve calendar input with date picker
  • Develop a dashboard for drivers to manage bookings

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